WriteLearnEarn.com Closed: What Next?

On 15th March, 2017 writelearnearn.com closed. I first saw these news on Remarkable Freelance Writers in Africa facebook group. Spike Wyatt announced the sad news saying that the business was no longer profitable and he was therefore setting up another website spikewyatt.com where he will be working with writers to edit their articles.


writelearnearn.com closed








Writelearnearn.com (WLE) has been running for three years  since 2014. Personally, it has been a great blow to me and the team that I was mentoring. I  used Writelearnearn to learn, write and sell my articles. I had also referred a total of 36 newbies. I had even gone on to write an ebook on how newbies could write, learn and earn on the WLE. I had so much mastered the WLE system that I had gone on to establish a warm relationship with Spike to the point of interviewing him on Kuza Biashara.

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Meet Walter Akolo; A Prolific Kenyan Freelancer

Walter Akolo; African freelance writer
Walter Akolo; African freelance writer

This Post about Walter Akolo African freelancer writer first appeared on African Freelancers blog on 6th March, 2017

Walter Akolo is a Kenyan freelancer, blogger and internet marketer who has been interviewed on major websites and media outlets such as US Paysa and Kenyan Standard Media.

He was named as one of the five fastest-rising entrepreneurs in Kenya by Kuza Biashara in 2014. Walter Akolo has also been named as one of the most influential youths by Kenya yote. With no college education to boast about, a family that looks up to him for their sustenance, Walter is an epitome of resilience who has braved online writing for over six years now.

Currently, he still does online writing for clients but he mostly relies on passive online income generated by his freelance writing blog which has over 20,000 unique monthly visitors. Indeed, Walter is one of the guys who will shape the African freelance narrative. He has written on the Huffington Post, helped international clients build their content marketing strategies and trained newbies on how to earn online.

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How To Make Passive Online Income– A Case Study of Kenyan Online Freelancers

Today, I read a piece by James Keru of Kuza Biashara that really got me thinking. It was titled Six Habits That Will Keep You Poor for the Rest of Your Life and one of the habits he said would keep me poor till eternity was  focusing on a linear rather than passive income streams. James Keru is brutally honest with answers and does not mince his words. His writing hurts but shapes. It is one article that I would wish was written in 2013 when I started earning through online writing so that I could think of this online passive income ideas that are guaranteed to have you earn as you sleep.


Unfortunately Kenyan blogging was still in its infantile stage and getting information was like looking for a needle in a haystack—information was so scarce. Those who had it believed that to get richer and richer, they needed to keep the knowledge secret.

passive online income

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Earn Online Through Website Testing Jobs

Hi. There is a new online money making method in town that you didn’t know about. Forget academic and article writing. Forget transcribing. Forget affiliate marketing. Forget completing surveys. The new gig is website testing jobs. Imagine earning by just visiting websites and testing how usable they are. Picture how easy that kind of job would be. Here, all you do is test how usable or user friendly a website is and give feedback to earn.

website testing jobs
Websites Need Testers

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Train Newbies and Earn through the Ajira Digital Platform

After the magnanimous launch filled with pomp and the deep criticism that followed from two renown freelancers (read Walter Akolo and Sheeroh Murega Kiarie), Ajira Digital has smelt the coffee and decided to partner with the old dogs in the freelancing trade. They have announced open vacancies for freelance trainers and mentors to train Kenyan newbies earn online. They are looking for people with 3 years (plus) experience in online freelancing  to train newbies earn and get jobs. Ajira Digital will pay the trainees. You can apply here


My take: It seems Ajira Digital have finally realized that to get ahead with the initiative, they have to use experts and experienced people in the trade.

Who Qualifies to Train Kenyan Newbies and Earn Online

  • Anyone who has 3 years’ and plus experience in online freelancing
  • Have at least trained and given jobs to newbie freelancers.
  • Have an awesome portfolio on reputable freelancing sites
  • Charge reasonably for your training services
  • Have a workable training method either face to face training, emails, phone calls, Whatsapp or Skype.
train Kenyan newbies earn online
Train Kenyan Newbies Earn Online

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Free Ebook: Kickstart Your Writing Career with WriteLearnEarn (WLE)

Psss! My dear friend, to earn online through writing, you have got to work. Yes, you have to. Nothing comes on a silver platter as you will see in my online writing free ebook. And nobody will give you free money simply because you are a newbie. So, sit your ass down, caress that keyboard and write. Writers write! They do not go around calling themselves ‘newbies new in the trade’. But you can rest assured that we the old dogs in the trade will always be out there trying thick and thin to help you write and earn. In whatever way we can. Yes, we will teach you how to write and earn, transcribe, blog…etc. But nobody will do the work for you. If you want to earn, work!


In my latest posts, I wrote about how I use the WLE to sell articles. I also wrote on pitfalls to avoid on WLE. Today, I come with something bigger and better. To help you get published online and earn a few bucks from article sales on WLE, I have written an online writing free eBook that I am offering. Yes, free! It is titled ‘Kickstart Your Writing Career with WriteLearnEarn (WLE). Grab it, read it and apply the maxims provided in it to earn from WLE.

What will you find in this online writing free eBook?

  • Guiding steps on how to register on WLE, write and submit articles, sell and withdraw cash.
  • Sample accepted articles that I have written on the site and the comments from the WLE editors
  • Sample rejected articles and editor’s reasons for rejecting them.

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