Are you a working home mummy or a student struggling to earn money through writing? Well, away from content mills and scammers, here is a website  called ‘write learn earn’ that markets your work and you actually get paid. Handsomely. A 500 word article can fetch $15. Good money, right?


write learn earn


Here is the catch though—your work needs to be high quality and saleable. How do you know that your work meets those standards? Well, that is where creativity and research comes in. I am going to tell you how I usually do it.


  1. Write Content Ordered by Clients on Other Sites

I have a freelance profile on guru and Contentmart. Every day, I log into the two accounts and check what niches clients want. This gives me a rough idea of what is selling in a certain market.


  1. Use SEM Rush to Research on Keyword

For newbies, SEM RUSH is a keyword research tool. Say for example that I have found on guru that clients want articles on ‘energy’. I head on to SEM RUSH and ask for stats on the keyword. SEM RUSH(which has a free 30 days trial by the way) tells me what keyword combination is really doing well. Let’s say ‘energy saving solution’ is selling like a hot cake. I pick it.

  1. Research and Write.

Once I am informed on my keyword, I research online on articles on the same topic. What angle is missing in the market? How can I write an article that is really going to hit the market by storm? Once I have figured this out, I write the article.


  1. Submit And Wait For Review

Once I have written the article and coined a good title, I submit and wait for review. Normally, reviews take about 24 hours or more depending on the article waiting queue.

  1. Rework or Sell My Work

Once the site editors review the article, they send me comments. If the work is not good, they inform me on what needs to be reworked. If it is totally unusable, they tell me.


  1. Make Instant Sale Or Wait For It To Be Sold On The Market

After article editing, the article gets a score ranging from 0 to 100. The system also tells you how much you would make if you made an instant or market sale. With instant sale, you earn less but you do not have to wait for it to be sold. Market sales sell highly but take time.

Pros of Write Learn Earn Website

  • You can write as many articles as possible. Just make sure that they are high quality.
  • There are two payment plans: PayPal or Western Union.
  • You interact with humane editors and learn how to write better.
  • Flexible paydays. With PayPal, you get paid either mid-month or end month with a minimum payout of $5. For Western union, you are paid anytime as long as you have $20.

Cons of Write Learn Earn Website

  • Market sales might take forever.
  • Product reviews are not accepted. It is hard to market them.


When I first started working on WLE, I submitted three articles that I had written but got rejected on iwriter. Their titles were ‘The Ultimate Guide to Buying Sectional Sofas’, ‘The Top Five Rice Cookers in the Market’ and ‘Kaspersky; Redefining Internet Security’. Only ‘The Ultimate Guide to Buying Sectional Sofas’ was accepted. I almost gave up but the awesome editors were quick to explain why they rejected the two articles; they were product specific reviews which would be hard to market. Well, you heard it from me. Go on and register at the site.


In my next article here, I discuss what to avoid when writing.

NOTE:If you are starting out on writelearnearn, kindly follow my referral link here. I will earn a commission for the leads.

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I am a professional statistician whose passion is in writing. I do blog pieces, TV and radio scripts, and journalistic pieces. My main niches are in technology, health and self improvement

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24 thoughts on “Write Anything, Learn And Get Paid On the Write Learn Earn Website

  1. i once wrote an article on iwriter bt got rejected for poor qualité, it was my first, i did not understand keyword. upto now i dont know how you go about it. pliz help.

    1. Don’t just take the reject lying down. Try to learn from it. Maybe you could send the rejected article to WLE. Editors will tell you whether it is a nice one or what can be improved. On keyword, it is very simple, in iwriter, they will tell you to use a certain keyword, say ‘energy saving’ in a 500 word article. All you need to do is write an article on ‘energy saving’ and repeat this keyword 3-5 times. Contact me at for more help

  2. Thank you for sharing this great piece of advice to newbies !
    I will check the link out and come back to you.
    Best regards

    1. Hello Mfalme. I realized that you are a real mfalme in affiliate marketing from your \ website. Maybe you could share a few tips to newbie freelancers who want to earn from internet marketing. What do they need?

  3. Hi, could it be possible I see & read some of the articles you & perhaps what others have written before. I would like to write articles got good grammar but very new at what it takes to write.

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