How To Write Anything, Learn And Get Paid On the Write Learn Earn Website


Imagine writing about anything you love, selling it and getting paid for your efforts. Picture the number of articles you would write per day about that topic you are passionate about. Visualize yourself becoming an authority in that field because it is a niche you are comfortable in and earning through a write learn earn process. Well, away from content mills and scammers, here is a website  called write learn earn that markets your work and you actually get paid. Handsomely. A 500 word article can fetch $15. Good money, right?


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Here is the catch though—your work needs to be high quality and sale-able. How do you know that your work meets those standards? Well, that is where creativity and research comes in. I am going to tell you how I usually do it. Continue reading “How To Write Anything, Learn And Get Paid On the Write Learn Earn Website”

What Not To Do When Setting 2017 Resolutions



It is New Year again! What? Yes, 2016 was that short! You never realized this year’s resolutions. Again! But since everyone is crazy about creating their 2017 New Year resolutions, you will not be left alone. You too will create them. And as sure as the sun rises, 2017 will end before you have achieved them. Well, I ain’t bewitching you but your way of setting goals is problematic.

Now, let us look at what you are doing wrong:


  1. Lack of discipline

You are very good in creating goals. But never good enough in keeping them. Why? You are not disciplined. For example, you set a goal that you will lose weight. One of the things you should look into is eating low-calorie foods so as to achieve this dream. But no, you go on eating Steers chips, Galito’s Chicken, ice-cream and all sorts of junk expecting to lose weight by a miracle. Well’, things do not go that way friend. You lack sacrifice and discipline which are key in realizing dreams.



  1. Unrealistic Goals

An online friend told you that they are earning millions and millions of dollars writing niche blogs and since you do not want to be left out in this get-rich-quick schemes, you also decide to start a health niche blog in 2017. Well, this will not come to pass since that goal is very unrealistic. For one, you know nothing about medicine. And two, you are not given to writing. So the resolution will …flop.


  1. Going it all alone

You do not want to involve anyone in your 2017 resolutions. And as such, those goals will come crumbling. Without involving others in your goal setting, you lack accountability.

  1. Rash decisions

Making resolutions on the 1st January, 2017 will not see you go far. Why? You will be in such a rash to make them that you will not sit down to know what you really need to trim down in your life.

Have a prosperous 2017 and hey, do not do those things!

Hands Up for HIV Prevention


Today marks World Aids Day, a commemoration that has been observed since 1988 as one of the global public health campaigns organized held by World Health Organization. Every year on 1st December, people congregate in different places with a renewed hope and determination of fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Education about abstinence, contraception and use of anti-retroviral treatments is imparted to the masses. Red ribbons are worn as a mark of solidarity in fighting the global pandemic.
HIV/AIDS is undoubtedly a toll on human existence with data showing that over 78 million have been infected since the virus was discovered in the 1980s. 35 million people have died of the pandemic. Though governments, NGOs and organizations have worked hard to sensitize people on HIV/AIDS awareness, statistics show that a lot still needs to be done. Recent evidence show that an estimated 1.9 million adults are infected with the scourge yearly. This translates to 5,700 adults infected daily with the highest percentage being recorded in the Sub Saharan Africa. This surely calls for more education to the masses, embracing of the AIDS ABCs (Abstinence, Be Faithful and Use Condoms).

The Red Ribbon

The red ribbon, which today is the universal mark for AIDS awareness was the brainchild of 12 artists who met in 1991 with the view to support AIDS victims fight stigma. The red ribbon was inspired by the yellow ribbons tied on trees to show support for the US during the Gulf War. Today, the red ribbon symbol has gained traction and become synonyms to the message, “Beware of HIV/AIDS”.

Exterminating the Corruption Vermin in Kenya: A Responsibility for All


It is no longer juicy to read Kenyan newspaper headlines. The narrative is the same. ‘ So and so linked to the NYS scandal’, ‘Governor of this and this county embezzled funds’, ‘So and so involved in the shameful Rio scam’. It is distasteful. Unpalatable. Corruption is no longer shocking in Kenya. In fact, it is the ‘It’ thing. In a survey conducted by the Aga Khan East Africa Institute targeting young Kenyans earlier this year, the researchers found out that young people would steal and engage in underhand methods to get rich and only care not to get caught. Don’t ask where the rain started beating us—you already know that.
What does it mean for the country’s future?

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